When you run digital marketing campaigns, it’s important that you create effective landing pages that really catch people attention. If pictures are worth a thousand words, image what a video has to say. Adding videos to your landing pages can help you keep leads engaged.

Videos can help the distracted user

Everyone is on the go and want information now and explained to them. Videos engage people on a different level, they allow a connection that you can rarely get unless you are in person.

It also can be hard to get all the information on a page without it being overwhelming. Long blurbs of text can lose peoples interest and is less interactive and engaging. Adding videos on your site can help you communicate with your audience and share all the details they would need to know.

Videos are perfect if you have a specific type of product or service. Using a video can allow you to show the product in use or your service in action, allowing the audience to get a full explanation of your services.

You will cover more information in an engaging way. It’s important that you still include written content on your page to help it rank on Google but adding videos can make it easier for your audience to understand more of your content.

Videos increase the users engagement

I know, broken record over here… but it is true! People judge you within seconds of seeing you, and the same goes for your company. You want to engage visitors so they learn more about your product or service and videos draw people in.

In fact, your audience is 10 times more likely to interact with a video than a block of text. They will choose to watch a video over reading a page filled with text because it’s a quick and efficient way to deliver information.

To save time users tend to skim over text to save time and having a short video allows the user to absorb more information.

You will keep your audience engaged on your page longer by using video. “Bounce Rates” are a real thing. If people aren’t staying on your page for long, then they aren’t learning about your product.

Helping to build a brand

Branding is a science, and can be a tough one at that. When a consumer has previous impressions of a product or company, it will actually change the way their brain evaluates such straightforward decisions.

Adding video engagement to you site allows you to tell your story and let your brand become more comfortable with the audience. You want people to recognize your brand when they see your logo on a product.

When you are building a brand it is hard to convey your brands personality. Videos allow your business’ brand to be easily promoted in a creative and custom way. Brand recognition increases 139% after watching a video. It is an effective and easy way to catch the audiences attention and promote your brand.

Videos increase conversion rates

When you have a video on your site it can increase your conversion rate up to 80%!

Video is very powerful. It gives the audience to make a purchasing decision emotionally. Conveying the right message and helping the user to be more informed allows the user to feel more comfortable with the decision they are about to make.

Establishing that connection, and tying into emotions is what many business do to convert their audience. Why do you think companies spend so much money for Superbowl ads. Because it is great platform to make that connection. To make you laugh, so a brand seems fun, or connect with you about a popular TV show.

The cool thing is you can do that too. No I’m not sating spend all your money on a Superbowl ad, but you can create a video that can connect with someone on such a personal level.

When connecting it allows the audience to really pay attention and get all the details about your product, which makes the audience feel confident they are making the right choice buying your product.

So if you made it through this….

I know…. it what hard to read all that, but if you are one of the lucky ones who made it through this post written by a web and marketing guy (not an English major lol). I want to help out more local businesses and here is how i can do it.

If you have a site currently with another company and would like to upgrade your site, We are offering a discounted customized website packages and 1 local company will win an upgrade with a custom video for FREE. Yes for FREE!!! It can be used in the header like on our site, or a more detailed product/service video.

If you would like to enter the contest or learn more information about a new or upgraded site please fill out our contact form.